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On my teaching page you can find some information about courses that I am teaching and my office hours, and projects you could do with me.


  • Room 309, 7th Building

Office Hours

  • Mon(pm4-5), Wed(am9-12)


  • Fall 2006
    • Embedded System Software(OSGi), Project
  • Spring 2006
    • Linux System Programming(Embedded training board), Project
  • Fall 2005
    • Linux Systems
  • Spring 2005
    • Linux, C Programming, Fundamental of Algorithm
  • Spring 2003
    • Undergraduate Course : Java Programming
    • Graduate Course : Principle of Computer Education
  • Fall 2002
    • Java System Applications
  • Fall 2001 – Spring 2002 (Visiting New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA)


I am interested to supervise and co-supervise student projects of various levels on Ubiquitous Computing(Context-aware service, Embedded S/W, RFID/USN). If you are interested to work on one of the most exciting directions of Ubiquitous IT research, please, send me an email and stop by for a talk.

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