Learning and Educational Systems

Learning Theory

         Explorations in Learning & Instruction: The Theory Into Practice Database, Greg Kearsley

         David Jonassen, University of Missouri

         Computational Learning Theory(COLT), Arithmetic Learning Theiry(ALT)

         Neural Network and Learning Theory, ESPRIT Working Group

         ACT Group, John Anderson, Carnegie Mellon University

         Instructional Design and Learning Theory

International Standards and Specifications

         ISO/IEC JCT1 SC36(Information Technology for Learning, Education, and Training)

         IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC)

         ADL(Advanced Distributed Learning) SCORM(Sharable Contents Object Reference Model)

         IMS(IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc.)

         AICC(Aviation Industry CBT Committee)

ITS: Intelligent Tutoring System

         ACM Crossroads, Applications of AI in Education

         Artificial Intelligence and Education, AAAI

         Peter Brusilovsky, University of Pittsburg, USA

         Kurt VanLehn, University of Pittsburg, USA

         Beverly Park Woolf, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

         David Jonassen, University of Missouri

         CIRCSIM-Tutor project, Illinois Institute of Technology

         Duncan Mullier Homepage(Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Techniques to Educational Hypermedia)

         Software for Manipulating Belief Network by Russell Almond, Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (AUAI)

         Jim Reye, Belief Network for Student Modeling, ITS96, ITS98.

         Student Modeling Survey, Karen Stauffer, Athabasca University

         Web based Expert System Building Tools

Hypermedia Educational Systems

         XML based Educational Systems

Ph.D(1999) thesis Using The Adaptive Navigation Support Technique Of Link Hiding In an Educational Hypermedia System: An Experimental Study

Ph.D(1996) thesis Interaction of Cognitive Style and Learner Control of Presentation Mode in a Hypermedia Environment Curriculum and Instruction

Ph.D(2000) thesis Navigation Tools Effect on Learners Achievement and Attitude Teaching and Learning

Ph.D(2000) thesis Field Dependence-Independence and Computer-based Instruction in Geography Teaching and Learning

Collaborative Educational Systems and CSCL

         CSCL(Computer supported collaborative learning) Theories

         CSCL Brief Overview & Links

         Proposal of Collaborative Learning Standardization, Advanced Leaning Technologies, 2001

         CSCL Conference Homepage(1995,1997,1999,2001 Proceedings)

         Starr Roxanne Hiltz, NewJersey Institute of Technology(NJIT)

         Dan Suthers, Laboratory of Interactive Learning Technologies, University of Hawaii

Virtual Reality and Education Systems

         James C. Lester Homepage(Knowledge based 3D Learning Environment)

         W Lewis Johnson Homepage(AI and HCI in Education and Lifelong Learning)

         Virtual Reality in Training and Education (HIT Lab., University of Washington)

         Interactive Collaborative Environments(ICE), Swedish Institute of Computer Science(SICS)

         Web3D Consortium

         SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics), W3C

On-Line Proceedings

         On-line Learning News Blog, University of Illinois at Springfield

         Proceedings of e-Learning Conference & Expo, April 2002

         syllabus magazine(on the use of high tech in higher education, provides a platform for advancing new IT solutions at the college level)

         Journals on Research around Tutoring(43 journals), Circle, Univer. of Pitt.

         e-Learning Centre(the Centre for Learning about e-Learning) , eCLIPSE

         International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education

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         Proceedings of the International Workshop on Adaptive and Intelligent Web-based education systems held in conjunction with ITS'2000. Also available as a Technical Report, Institute of Semantic Information Processing, Osnabrück, Germany.

         Proceedings of the Workshop "Intelligent Educational Systems on the World Wide Web" at AI-ED'97, 8th World Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education. 8-22 August, 1997, Kobe International Conference Center, Kobe, Japan. Published by ISIR, Osaka, Japan.